Events and Shows.


Here are my events and shows pages. I try to keep upto date with shows that I know occur. I ensure that I have a verification of the event. I really find visiting shows a wonderful experience meeting modellers and chatting, meeting friends. Also of course viewing the wonderful work and models on show or in competition areas.


I have pages for the UK, for Europe and the rest of the World. Airshows and military vehicle UK shows,  UK model railway shows and dolls house miniatures pages.

As I am looking to be based in Spain for my semi retirement I have set up a page for shows in Spain. It will be in English for now and will always attempt to have as much as possible in Spanish.


Please click on the link at the right hand side of this page to take you to the event and show page of interest to you.


The layout of the events pages many shows will just have the image of the flyer. Click on this image and the flyer will open on a new page to view all the information.


I am adding many 2020 dates now and many are being confirmed and verified. These you can see on separate pages.


I will keep searching out the shows and please keep looking as I add them each time I get them verified.


Hopefully I will see many of you at the shows.


Please remember if you are visiting a favourite show please make sure you check information before travelling.

Please contact me through the contact page I will always welcome photos or event news to add to my website.



If you wish me to promote your event on my website then please contact me with the details.

Contacts page.


Thank you Pete and Sol.