Work in Progress Page.


Here is my page showing my work in progress and the finished items. I will keep up to date with my progress on the various scale model miniatures I have on the go.


I have had some time and progressed some modelling work my "mutipass" all still valid, working and permanent for now.


He is my Roden 1/144 super VC10 BOAC version. Interesting fit and cleaning up the parts. I cannot believe in this day and age the mould tool halves don't line up. All sprues were nearly 0.5mm out this meant sanding and parts out of line.

The decals were difficult to slide and split used lots of microsol. I lost the union jacks and the tail fin numbers were too big and so out of register, threw these away.

I did find a close match for the blue colour Vallejo Deep Sky model air range 70.090. With gloss coat it looks ok.

Anyway here it is, ready for the undercarriage and antenae to be fitted and painted then finished.





The Revell Mosquito 1/48th scale is still at the same stage.  I keep looking at the alignment and really hope the twist in the fusalage comes out as I assemble fully.

It is ready for interior paint and detail. Here is a picture so far.




These are the photos of the models I have in progress. These have been at these stages for a long time. My plan is to try finish all these before opening any out of my stash.


These are my remaining work in progress, got to finish these before starting anything else!!!





The 1/48th Tamiya Tiger tank also has paint on it and I have succeeded in fitting the tracks on. I was quite pleased with the result, first time, with part separate links. I have some great figures to make the famous diorama from Kelly's Heroes where the deal is made to blow a hole in the doors to the gold.





I have many figures in my collection now and some more have arrived. I have actually finished some recently and progressed others. I have put the finished ones on the right hand side and also in my gallery page.






These are the flats I have to paint I really enjoy painting these it is great relaxtion in between building models of aircraft and vehicles etc. These i bought at various shows one being Kulmbach figures and flats show. The ones in grey primer have been for a long time now.





I hope I can be an encouragement to anyone wishing to take up this hobby I find the building and painting rewarding and the satisfaction of achieving a result is great.



My finished products are on the right of each page and in the gallery page there are more images in the Modelminiatures Own Work Album.



Thank you for looking. Pete and Sol.